Services Details: With our solid team

The design team of Lia includes Lydia Zhang and Scott Harwood Senior

Mechanical Designer, Jianrong Zhou, Senior Fire Protection Designer and other

technical staffs. The firm grows rapidly and has finished more than 1200 projects

since establishment. its current projects include residential, commercial, office, hotel

and restaurant across western Canada.

Our mechanical design team has extensive experience in designing mechanical systems for hotel, commercial, multi-residential, retail, institutional, and industrial facilities. We provide high-quality, cost-effective building system designs and systems analysis for more than 200 new construction and renovation projects annually.


  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Mechanical site servicing and storm retention systems
  • Dust collection systems

 Partner with WGW Engineering to provide electrical design services for commercial, multi-residential, retail and industrial facilities.

Our include:

  • Power distribution systems (HV, MV and LV)

  • Emergency power systems

  • Lighting systems

  • Fire detection and alarm systems

  • EV Charging

  • Electrical Service Upgrade

The Lia Fire team meets the highest standards in fire suppression design services while coordinating with architectural, structural, lighting design and mechanical systems to provide aesthetically pleasing designs to any project Fire suppression design and engineering encompasses life and building safety systems to NFPA standards in accordance with applicable building codes

Our Fire Suppression design services include:

  • Automatic Fire sprinkler systems (Wet and Dry system)
  • Standpipe systems
  • Hydraulic calculations and system sizing
  • Fire pump systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Wet Chemical system for Commercial Kitchen Hood
  • Dry Chemical system for Spray Booths

Reviewing architectural design for BC Building Code compliance as part of the building permit process ensures that any issues are addressed early, to minimize impact on design goals and ensure timely processing of the building permit application. 
Code compliance reports demonstrate the approach to compliance with codes, standards, and regulations. Code compliance drawings further illustrate this compliance, and include the location of fire separations, travel distances, occupant load, exit capacities and any building code concepts applicable to the project.


The City of Vancouver, and the City of Surrey, offer the Certified Professional program as an alternate to the traditional Building Permit Process. A Certified Professional completes the reviews and inspections typically performed by the city building department and acts as a single contact between the project team and the authority having jurisdiction. 

This program can benefit the project through time savings by allowing for staged building permits, where excavation can proceed before the full building permit is issued. The city review phase of a CP project can take just a few weeks, compared to the usual months. The CP process is available for both renovations and new buildings, and we’ve worked through it for tenancies ranging from offices and apartments, to restaurants and museums